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Love unconditionally.  There is no boundary to the depths of passion that exists between two souls.

We believe in celebrating the stories of a couple’s journey together; times of love, struggle, support, and passion.  Readers become our brand’s connection to a global audience who can visually connect with a story through verbiage and imagery.  Dear Gray Magazine appeals to the bride looking for wedding planning that goes against the grain of industry standards set by commercial propaganda.  She is taken back by, not only the look but the feel of something tangible she can keep by her side throughout her planning process.

When she is overwhelmed by mainstream trends, our publication is there to remind her that she is free willed in choosing what represents her bridal and womanly identity.  We provide her with a visual aspect of what her dreams are made of, reassuring her that the artists we work with can dream the dream with her; turning unimaginable into a well-executed wedding day.  Furthermore, our bride has no race, nationality, creed or color; she is simply beautiful in her skin.  She may be a bride to be, recently wedded, or even renewing her 50th wedding anniversary vows.  Regardless, we have connected with a step in her story, and she doesn’t want to let us go.

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From Our Founder

Stephanie Rawcliffe

Only a short year ago, I felt a burning desire to step away from my career as a wedding photographer and begin the process of building a foundation for what would soon grow into "Dear Gray Magazine." At the time, and still to this day, a gap lingered between finely crafted wedding artistry and the education of wedding day investments for couples looking to plan their dream wedding with the artists behind the art. Designing a publication, online and in print, to bridge this gap is at the core of our mission and one that I, passionately, strive towards. Having you here means that we have struck a chord of curiosity and affection, which I embrace with a humble and thankful heart.

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Dear Gray Magazine is edited and designed by a team of creatives who believe in crafting art and building successful careers while doing what we love. Each of our team members has a creative heart that plays a role in curating valuable content for our readers.