• Aug 27, 2016


An Intimate Honeymoon Morning

by Tyler Rye Photography

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of watching, hybrid wedding photographer, Tyler Rye embrace an impeccable string of growth.  His artistic approach to all things weddings is contrastive to industry conformity and he offers no apology for going against the grain.  From client work to mentoring sessions, while also hosting unique workshops, Tyler turns visions into a tangible reality.  

While co-hosting a workshop with Donny Zavala Photography on the Oregon Coast, Tyler and industry peers worked together in creating visual scenes that include a bride and groom embarking on their journey into unification.  Enlisting Janna Brown, owner and creative designer behind Janna Brown Designs, every scene encapsulated a sense of solitude between two lovers chasing destiny.  To start their morning, Janna used fresh berries and coffee beside rich cheeses, jams, and bread.  A rustic touch to a love drenched morning.  The soft, muted tones of Janna’s creative direction gave way for the focus to remain on documenting genuine emotions.  Makeup and hair artist Hikari Murakami blended neutral tones with a lose hairstyle for the bride, keeping her natural beauty in perspective while highlighting the romantic morning with the touch of a soft lip color.  Attendees had a unique opportunity to see firsthand what a honeymoon morning documentation can include, enabling the idea to incorporate this style of photography into their client’s wedding packages.  Whether for a creative outlet or to expand their portfolio, workshop attendees experienced a unique workshop with intentional design details.

Visit Tyler Rye online to see more wedding photography and for information on mentioning/future workshops.  You can also find a variety of images from the Oregon Coast Workshop by visiting their hashtag #oregoncoastworkshop.

All images contributed by Tyler Rye


Photography by Tyler Rye Photography

Oregon Coast Workshop hosted by Tyler Rye and Donny Zavala

Hair and Makeup Artistry by Hikari Murakami

Models from Muse Management

Creative Direction and Floral Design by Janna Brown Design

Her wardrobe: Black Crane  | His wardrobe: J Crew

Meet Tyler Rye

i’m a husband, father and wedding photographer! i currently live in utah with my wife and son rowan! i feel extremely blessed to be a full time wedding photographer. i grew up in northern arizona and spent a lot of time in the outdoors with my family. we did a lot of camping and hiking. i fell in love with being outside in the great outdoors and as a photographer i have taken that love of nature and incorporated it into my photographic style. i love to take couples out away from the city where they can truly be alone and express their love with few distractions! wedding photography hasn’t always been my passion. i know that’s probably not what you expected to hear! i sort of stumbled into photography about 5 years ago. at the time i had been going to college and just couldn’t find anything that i wanted to spend my life doing. during this time i started dated the girl who would one day become my wife. she was modeling so i went along with her to a few shoots. it was then i considered the idea of getting into photography.  i transferred to the art institute of salt lake to study digital photography. a week later i purchased my first camera! since then i have spent a few years figuring out who i am as an artist. its been a fun journey and i cant wait to see what else is in store! 

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Meet Hikari Murakami

Hailing from the bay area, Hikari Murakami now resides in the Orange County & Los Angelesarea creating beauty and art through makeup artistry in any location where her work is desired. She is a dedicated individual to pursuing her dreams and goals. Having been an international hip hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher for 10 years, she always knew creativity was her forte. While her dance career flourished, she always loved the getting-ready part of a show, audition, or special event, as makeup was another art that enhanced & complemented a dancer’s life. It was during her life as a dancer that Hikari realized makeup artistry was a passion that was there all along.

Visit Hikari on Instgram @hikarimurakami

Meet Janna Brown

As a child, my days were spent barefoot on horseback, soaking up the wonders of the “deep south” with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. I felt inspired to create, and create I did! Introverted to my core, I worked with my hands to paint, draw, write and release creativity in every foreseeable outlet. My passion for styling is driven by beautiful nostalgic childhood memories, travel, nature, and the serenity and positive energy that radiates from God’s natural elements. I find movement, light, touch and intimacy of the most important components of my trade.

My days in Africa have left my soul yearning for new adventure, new beauty and new creations.  Having the opportunity to do what I love for a living, at times leaves me speechless, and bringing beautiful moments to fruition is a treasured reward. Let us create something breathtaking together and inspire each other to build beautiful memories.

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