• Nov 21, 2016

From The Editor:

Welcome to a new DGM series titled “From The Editor.”  Each week, as the editor of Dear Gray Magazine, I am going to share my personal thoughts from “behind the desk” of a publisher.  You will hear about behind the scenes as an editor, what our brand is cultivating, and how we manage our days.  Despite the unsettling fear of competition, I consistently strive to be transparent with our readers and community of artists.  The world has become inundated with unhealthy, cut throat competition, and while I understand that as business owners we must maintain some level of privacy, I do not believe the genuine connection between humans must die with it.

Image by Megan Lee Photo Image by Megan Lee Photo Calligraphy by Plume Calligraphy Calligraphy by Plume Calligraphy Image by Kristin La Voie Photo Image by Kristin La Voie Photo

When I began this journey with Dear Gray Magazine, there was never an intention to become what we are today.  In only a short year, Dear Gray has matured from a supportive platform for wedding artists to connect and thrive artistically, into a book of art with a reach that now spans across the globe inside retailers, boutiques, bookstores, and online at Amazon.  Our community has allowed me to take their art and turn it into a tangible piece of documentation surrounding the stories of couples’ passion and grace for one another.

All too often I see photographers discussing the submission processes for their work that either doesn’t get published or they never get a response to.  While I cannot speak for other brands, I will share how and why we choose the content that we do for our readers, followers, and subscribers.  Plus, I’ll also dive into my personal thought process and approach when reviewing submissions.  You’ll gain a real life perspective on what makes for feature-able content in Dear Gray Magazine.

Stick around as I begin to walk you through the week to week process of editing, both online and print, for Dear Gray Magazine.  I’ll share the tools that I use to create Dear Gray Magazine and how I curate the content that we share.  And, of course, I’d love to hear from you about how we can improve, questions you may have about our brand, or any constructive criticism.

I can’t wait to get started!