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Overview & Details

Do you accept all submissions?

We do!  Dear Gray Magazine is a publication that celebrates the stories that are told by artisans of every niche.  The key to publishing celebrations for our readers is to ensure our readers can visualize the tangible.  Whether you’re a creative director, floral designer, photographer, stylist, or makeup artist, we want to share your craft with our readers.  Please be sure to have prior permission from your photographer for this submission.  We are not exclusive to film.


Are you an exclusive publication?

We aim to publish material that evokes emotions while creating connections within our readers. Therefore, we have decided to keep Dear Gray Magazine print submissions exclusive.  We believe that the first emotions provoked from a story should be one that our readers experience for the first time through our brand.  Due to exclusivity and knowing how hard you work as an artisan, we do our very best to get back to you within 10-15 business days with a publication decision.

If your submission is chosen for print, we ask that no more than three images be shared on social media while tagging @deargraymagazine as the upcoming publisher.  Once the publication has released, we ask that you wait 30 days before submitting it elsewhere.  Online journal submissions do not require exclusivity for the duration of 2016.


How do I submit my work to you?

We have created a simple submission form below for you to provide detailed information.  As of now, we accept images through Pixieset, ShootProof, Dropbox, Box, and WeTransfer.  Unfortunately, PASS crunches image resolution which makes your images incompatible with our CMS.

Please send us the 4 digit pass code if required!

We should be able to see consistency in styling and details as well as the chronological timeline from the images you’ve chosen.  The more detail, the likely we are to publish your work.

*Very Important:  Your files must be labeled with your business name.  We will not review submissions marked otherwise.


Will my work be in print or on the blog?

As much as we would love to publish all of the submissions in print, we intentionally curate what will be in digital or print.  The submissions that go to print must remain exclusive, and you will be sent specifics as to the further information we need to publish your work successfully.  Various submissions chosen for our online blog will be published in DGM’s monthly newsletter and our social media platforms.

Submission Information

We are always looking for ways to improve and streamline our submission process.  After listening to you, we’ve decided to revise our submission form!  All you need to do is provide your business information and 30 +/- images that you’d like for us to consider for online journal publication OR 40 +/- for print publication. We, sincerely, hope this eases the submission process for you!  Within three weeks we will be in touch to gather more information from you should we feel your submission is a fit.  If you do not hear from us within the three-week time window, please proceed with submitting your work to be featured at another publication.

Please do not send us an outside email with galleries and/or submission information.  Unfortunately, we will not be responding to these with a feature confirmation or feedback as we do not have the staff to handle these inquiries.  Your submission form to the right will be received by our editors.

Dear Gray Team

Initial Submission Form

*Please keep in mind that we print bi-annually and only review print submissions during March and October.
We accept Dropbox, PASS, Pixieset, Instaproofs, and Shootproof.

Blog Features

Photos by Katie Grant

Congratulations on your upcoming feature with us!  We are so excited to have your work on display for our community of readers.

Please see the form to the right which we will need from you with as much detail as possible.  In order for us to credit your team, properly, we rely on the information you send to us.  Unfortunately, our team does not have the ability to research for social media usernames and correct website addresses.  Be sure we get that so everyone receives the credit and exposure across our site and social media platforms.

If you have any immediate questions, please email us at

Blog Submission Feature

*Please do not remove or hide the gallery until you receive a final decision from our team.

Going To Print



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Take a moment and fill out the following information as accurately as possible.  You will need to narrow down your image selection to no more than 30 images in high resolution, 300dpi, CMYK.  In print, we are only able to provide business names and websites.  Be sure to include your whole team’s information.  If any information is missing, we cannot be held liable for this omission.

Dear Gray Magazine’s new release dates are as follows:  January 1st and June 1st.  We work diligently to keep on track with deadlines as it does take a team to get everything in place for print publication.  If you’re unable to meet the deadline and do not contact us, we cannot guarantee your placement in the magazine.  Should you have any questions or concerns, send us an email at and our team will get back to you.

Thank you for allowing DGM to share your hard work with our community of readers!

Print Submission Feature

*Please do not remove or hide the gallery until you receive a final decision from our team.