Online Course

The Transition To Film

with Ashley Crawford

Whether you’re just beginning with film, want to start, or you’re somewhere in your journey along the way and feeling frustrated, this workshop is aimed at not only teaching you the basics, but also showing you the ins and outs of how Ashley makes it work for her business.


Shooting Film 101

with Julie Paisley

Intrigued by the photographers who are shooting film, but you are not sure how to do it yourself? This download will take you through the basics of film wedding photography. Included is information on how to shoot film, a brief description of the most popular film stocks, film gear recommendations, how to meter for film, and some suggestions on how you might incorporate film not your business.

Online Course

The Art of Macro Photography

with Tiffany Kelly via Clickin Moms

Learn how to slow down and take gorgeous macro photographs in this 4 week workshop. Students will learn how to develop their own vision for macro photography, and how to incorporate different types of light and composition into their macro work. We will cover the technical details and basics of creating stunning macro photographs before moving into more advanced and creative applications. We will explore how to complete our vision with post-processing.


Mentoring Handbook

with Tanya Menoni

The mentoring handbook is a labor of love that details my entire creative process from start to finish. Although there are many different ways to do things and be successful in this business, this handbook details my creative techniques and strategies – basically what I have done to create a consistent and recognizable style. The handbook has always been included with my online and in-person mentoring, but after many requests I have decided to offer it as a standalone product as well.