Wedding Business Mastery

Education to help your business succeed.

The purpose of this course is to analyze your current business structure and strategies as an entrepreneur in the wedding industry.  You will be asked tough questions and challenged to create goals with plans to exceed your definition of success as a business owner.  This is an intense course that spans over a week and will require your hard work and dedication to see real results.

Portfolio Review

Detailed advice in regard to images currently being used and how to improve upon the layout.  Private Dropbox folder for portfolio images to be reviewed with notations from a publisher’s perspective.

Social Media Review and Guidance

Discussion of current programs to help grow your social media followers through time specific posting, hashtag research, and understanding your follower’s habits.

Business Statement Analysis

Advice and coaching on the proper formation of a business statement.  Defining your business values with a clear mission.  Coaching to uncover your core values.

Business Structure Review

Review of your current business structure and discovery of areas that can be improved upon.  Analyzation of your business outline and suggestions to keep your content fresh and inspiring.  Discuss and develop goal structures.

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Due to the intensity and dedication of time in this course, limited spots will be open at a time.

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What Is Included

  • Two, 1 hr. Skype sessions with Stephanie.
  • Private Dropbox folder for all coorespondence.
  • Online worksheets.
  • Website analysis of page speed, broken links, and suggestive SEO boosting techniques.
  • Business statement analysis.
  • Business structure review and suggestions for improvement.
  • A detailed portfolio review with advice.
  • Branding and marketing analysis.
  • Social media review and program advice / setup tutorials on steps to boost organic traffic.

What You Will Learn

  • How to stand out in a saturated market.
  • Set marketing goals and reach them within a timeline.
  • Understand SEO, blogging, and the use of keywords.
  • How to create and find your ideal customers.
  • How to grow your social media following, organically.
  • Guidance in creating an effective newsletter subscriber list.
  • How to compose a portfolio that will stand out.
  • Marketing and how to gauge your ROI.

"Hearing her speak, you'll know just how passionate she is about her job and this industry!"

JJ Horton Photography

“I had the privilege of hearing Stephanie speak at The Film Gathering in May of 2017. Her insight into producing a beautiful publication, and how she approaches submission were wonderful to hear. She also offers stellar business advice for those still trying to hone in on their target market, as well as useful ways to track your online presence. Hearing her speak, you’ll know just how passionate she is about her job and this industry!”


If you have ever attended a workshop where Dear Gray Magazine has been a speaker, you already know that I have a deep seeded passion for artists like you.  I do take a short period of time to educate attendees on how our brand cultivated and the mission behind reaching our future goals.  We spend time discussing what publications are attracted to and the thought process behind online and print features and then we step right into Wedding Business Mastery, covering the surface of marketing and business structuring.

This course dives deeper into the business mastery content that I teach and is tailored to help you grow and become more secure in being a successful entrepreneur in a saturated market.  As artists, you may struggle and find great challenge in writing blog posts, understanding SEO, using keywords properly, and being able to actually understand the return on your marketing investments.

Together we will asses the status of your current business structure and highlight areas that are in need of improvement.  You will begin to understand your ideal client better and manage implementations to boost the conversion of browsing prospects into paying clients.  We will setup analytics for your business and I will walk you through, step-by-step, the metrics to gauge your ROI’s.

Lastly, we will step into your social media accounts and asses what you’re currently doing and what programs you can use to grow organic followers.  I will teach you what we use at Dear Gray Magazine to see our followers habits, gain an understanding on hashtags, compare our efforts to our competitors, and teach you about posting times.

I look forward to working with you!



"After just a couple of months I went from page 10 on local google search to page 2."

Kandi Daniel Studios

I first met Stephanie of Dear Gray at a workshop in Savannah and most recently at a film workshop in Virginia. Following her advice on SEO and branding I immediately began working hard on tweaking my website, paying close attention to the analytics. After just a couple of months I went from page 10 on local google search to page 2. In a very saturated market, that is huge for my business. One main phrase she said that stuck with me and is now on my bulletin board in my office is, “Be motivated by the opportunity of freedom, not money.” I also took to heart her tips on taking photos for publication in mind and I’m excited that my work is now being featured on Dear Gray! If you have an opportunity to listen to her speak, jump on it! She’s such a smart business woman with a creatives heart!

"Stephanie’s passion for helping other wedding professionals is evident and her insight is invaluable."

Justine Wright

“Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the wedding industry and she openly and willingly shares her expertise with others. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to her speak – take advantage! I recently attended The Film Gathering where I had the pleasure of watching her present on “Wedding Business Mastery” and I left with such a different perspective. Stephanie’s passion for helping other wedding professionals is evident and her insight is invaluable; do yourself a favor and meet her!”

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