Love Without Borders | Rome Engagement Session

  • Jul 31, 2017

More than just pretty pictures…

When scrolling through these engagement photographs it’s easy to see a girl in a pretty dress with a pretty ring at a pretty location. But what you’re really looking at is a love story. This is the story of two people from different cultures who fell in love and had to adapt to each others way of life. With her being from England and him from Italy, the engaged duo were from different worlds to say the least! Behind every love story are negotiations and sacrifices which have been made in order to keep a bond strong and growing.

The way photographer Cecelina put this couple at ease during their engagement session is so admirable. We can practically feel the joy and hear the laughter that is being shared in front of her lens!

From The Planner:

Cecelina & I met our couple in a tiny Roman hotel room near the gorgeous Villa Borghese gardens. A chance meeting with Louise Faulkner being our mutual contact to bring Rebecca & Lorenzo to us. What quickly became apparent to both Cecelina & I was the immediate energy we felt from them. As Rebecca spoke to us about how she travelled from England to teach and live in Italy, her meeting of Lorenzo and their relationship, had both of us enamoured and desperate to see we did our best to capture their love. Their love was so apparent as well as the energy that Lorenzo brought out in Rebecca’s personality. It was intriguing to understand how their relationship developed over time from the initial (rather incredible) dates in Rome to eventually discovering their mutual passions and aligned tastes.


…With the balmy sun beating down on us as we walked through the gardens, we learned that Lorenzo and Rebecca were to be married later in the year in a Borgo in the beautiful country side of Rome surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

From the bride to be:

Apart from loving him more than I’ve ever loved anyone, what stands out for me in our relationship is the mix of cultures in our relationship. We take the best (and sometimes the worst) of the English and Italian cultures and use it in our everyday lives.We spoke only English the first 6 months of our relationship, as I was still learning Italian and too embarrassed to make a mistake in front of him. That soon changed when I met his parents, who don’t speak a word of English, and I just threw myself in there. I remember the panic of trying to make a good impression whilst putting on my best Italian. In the end we drank red wine and discussed the best way to make pasta. My mum speaks Italian (from living in Italy for 8 years in her 20’s) so Lorenzo is lucky that he can use both languages. My dad being Chinese means he sympathises with Lorenzo as he too learnt English as a foreign language. We accept each others ways and try to accommodate one another. I’ve learnt how to make lasagne just like his mamma and he makes me a nice cup of tea (with milk not lemon) if i’m feeling a bit homesick. We have Italian food most of the time but fry ups, sunday roasts and Lorenzo’s favourite Shepards pie do happen too!

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Cecelina Photography Stylist: The W Stylist Calligraphy: Beautifully Lost Studio  Hair & Make Up: Louise Faulkner Florist: Nina E I Fiori Artist:  Dress:  Katya Katya Shehurina