Loom Curated: Documenting Authentic Human Moments

  • Oct 2, 2016

The art of photography aims to capture raw emotions and movement as they naturally unfold.  For most clients, it is nerve awakening to stand in front of a stranger and their camera.  More than often, a human’s natural reaction becomes introverted shyness.  A well educated, experienced photographer becomes an investment when they are able to offer a place of comfort during photography sessions.  These professionals are well versed in their craft and create an environment where their client feels secure to just be themselves.  Megan Laura Photography consistently seeks new forms of artistic approaches to her client’s experience; searching for first hand education in documenting authentic moments with her clients.  In doing so, she recently attended Loom Curated in New York, hosted by creative director, Ginny Au.  

Meet Megan Laura Photography

I’m a fine art wedding photographer with an affection for wedding days, engagements, elopements, and portraits alike. I gravitate towards capturing authentic, light-filled images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I feel blessed beyond measure that the Lord has given me the opportunity to pursue this passion as a career. I am a lover of soft, dreamy light and a cultivator of images that are both romantic and timeless. My journey into film photography has inspired an insatiable pursuit of beauty in the every day, a process that has been truly nourishing to my soul.

Aside from my love for wedding photography, I am also crazy about my new husband, Jesus, food, and adventure. 2016 has been so good to us, and we can’t wait to bring home our first puppy together in November! We call Southern Ontario home, although a piece of my heart will always remain abroad; especially after experiencing a once in a lifetime trip to Paris and England over the summer, which I’ll be sharing on the blog shortly!

My hope as your photographer is to ensure that you can be your true selves in front of my camera. I take great pleasure in getting to know couples in person or over Skype to first ensure that we’re a good fit, and love working with couples that feel like kindred spirits. Your complimentary engagement session is a perfect opportunity for me to get to know what makes your relationship unique, and gives me valuable insight into making the most of your wedding day experience. I want my couples to feel that by inviting me to document this piece of their journey together, they are gaining a trusted friend who sees, and captures them, in their very best light.

More From Megan Laura Photography

“The Loom Series is a worldwide teaching platform for Photographers. Twice a year Ginny welcomes photographers to a chosen venue for two days of educational lectures, observations, shoots and camaraderie. In small groups, the attendees are welcomed into curated environments with the sole purpose of documenting the story as it unfolds.

Loom was a life changing workshop that took place in Catskills, New York. It was absolutely eye opening. Ginny encouraged us to photograph natural movements without directing the models into fake posing This gave us a whole new way of seeing beauty and the need for authenticity in our imagery. It’s so important to capture people’s true personality and touch, instead of forced uncomfortable actions that aren’t true to the client.

This session was so special to me, the emotions, the soft music playing in the background, the atmosphere in this beautiful room was intense. It moved me to tears with how authentic it was. It was a pleasure to be apart of.”


Photography by Megan Laura Photography / Workshop – Loom Curated / Hosted by Ginny Au / Creative Design by Kaela Rawson / Guest Photographer – Eric & Amy McVey / Once Wed Editor – Emily King / Art Director – Tess Comrie / Modeling by Meredith Adelaide / Venue Location – Table On Ten