Jeykll Island Elopement Inspiration

  • Jun 27, 2016

We love featuring stories, real and styled.  Today, we are so excited to share the beautiful work behind an inspirational elopement on Jekyll Island in Georgia.  Aislinn Bailey, photographer, and her team dreamt of a love story that involved charming details.

More from the team:

“She woke before the dawn, the wind whispering promises in her ear. As she gathered her things to begin the day, a letter dropped from her dressing table. “Meet me where our eyes first met.” Upon arriving at the shell of a home that had been a part of her family’s story for generations, she noticed a gown staring back at her on the far wall. Next to it, a map, a book, and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

As the morning light began to break, she followed the map that was left by her beloved to four books hidden in plain sight, waiting–for their pursuant–to be read. It was him, alas, professing his love for her through lyric. The books, when placed next to one another, created a poem that would reveal where he was awaiting her: “You are the moon dear one, and I the sea.”

The sand was cool beneath her feet and the wind gentle as it lifted the folds of lace and fabric of her dress into the breeze. He was there, waiting for her, waiting to begin their lives together.”



Photography by Ais Portraits
Venue at Horton House Jekyll Island, GA
Floral Design by Cotton Social
Dress Provided by Ivory & Beau
Dress Designer Tiadora Bridal

Veil Design by Adele Amelia
Calligraphy by Darling Devotion





Meet Aislinn Bailey

Owner – Ais Portraits


“Anyone can take a good picture. And just about everyone does at some point. But I don’t want to just take a picture for you. I endeavor to create images that evoke emotion, capture the relationships, and illustrate the numerous details and moments that make every wedding unique.”  Read More…


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