Intimate Morning Session

  • Jul 2, 2016

Scripted Love In The Morning Light


Every great artist must pursue a higher education in order to master their film photography art.  Across the world, great film photographers make host educational, life changing workshops for aspiring photographers to take their work to the next level.  Not only do the attendees have an opportunity to learn from a master within their craft, they have a chance to discover who they are as an artist.  One of the most prestigious workshops currently offered is hosted by the talented, Eric McVey.  His film photography style along with the creative knack of the artists he chooses to collaborate with has aspiring film photographers ready to invest in the next step.  The talented, Kelsee Thaten of Ivy and Gold Photography, desires to be challenged in her quest for perfecting the art of film photography and Eric’s workshop was the perfect opportunity.  She explains how exceptional her time was at the workshop and her imagery leaves us in admiration of what film photography and great emotion can produce.


From Ivy and Gold Photography


“This beautiful shoot with a sweet couple, Hannah and Tony, was put together by Ginny Au for Loom Curated, and took place at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California. It was a truly moving experience to be a part of. Rather than directing the couple, as we would at a regular styled shoot, Hannah and Tony were given some blocking ahead of time, and then were instructed to find their own rhythm, and just “be” together. We, the photographers, were told only to capture the natural interaction between the two, and not to instruct or direct them. It was as if we were placed inside a raw, beautiful moment of everyday life. It was honest and true – what photography should be. This take on shooting was so different and so much more real than anything I’ve experienced before, and I absolutely adore what came out of it. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California at Cuffey’s Cove Ranch | reative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au for Loom assisted by Charlene Tea | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson for Loom | Hair & Makeup: Emily Newman & Kaela Rawso | Floral Design: Soil & Stem ssisted by Tess Comrie | Original Charcoal Art: Zin Lim | Mode: ony and Hannah Culver for Muse Model Management | ponsors: Neve Albums, PhotoVisio, Fuji Film, Pixieset, Once Wed, Make & Stow


Meet Kelsee Thaten

I believe I’m in the business of creating heirlooms, not snapshots, and capturing your most precious memories. The way he brushes your hair out of your face, the way you can’t help but laugh when you’re together, the way your hands seem like they were made just to fit into each other’s… These are the moments I look for and take captive. Creating images that remind you every time you see them why you’re so in love. Your photographs are a priceless investment in your love, your family, and your future. I’m shamelessly nostalgic and sentimental, so to me, there’s just about nothing more important than beautiful photographs, printed and on display, of your precious memories and the people you treasure. Tangible – in albums, prints, wall art. The stuff that you flip through or walk by and it floods you with memories and love. That’s what I’m all about.

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