Intimate Boudoir in a Paris Inspired Apartment

  • May 4, 2017

With simplicity at the center of this Parisian boudoir shoot, Michele Beckwith and her collaborative team created a vision of this bride on her wedding morning.  In the solitude of her own thoughts and emotions, we soak in the passion and grace of her beauty through the film photography work of Michele.

This team used soft touches that flowed, seamlessly, through the styling by Kendra from Tandem Events.  Dahlia flowers in a pale and peach complimented the bride’s natural makeup and flowing hair style done by Lela Nguyen.  We love how the story of the bride’s morning is so well documented and the elements were kept at a distance so as not to take the attention away from her.

From Kendra Kimball

Of course every bride anticipates her wedding day, but until a woman becomes a bride, she will never understand what waking up that morning will truly hold. From the bride who opens her eyes to notice her fiance left gifted treasures and a handwritten letter, to another whose bridesmaid’s leap into her room squealing “Happy Wedding Day!”; no bride is alike and no day is the same. Tandem Events and a collection of fine art professionals, believe that these moments create a quintessential story to be captured and remembered.

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This shoot was set and styled in a Parisian inspired apartment in the heart of San Francisco. When we first arrived the habitual fog loomed out the window. It slowly lifted and the sun began to rise through the large french windows. As we began prepping the bride, her natural exuberance and energy glowed. She was excitable, romantic and a spitting image of an alluring bride. Michele Beckwith captured her tender emotions beautifully.


We adorned the bride with lace pieces from True and CO, sheer fabrics and veils from Amy Kuschel Bridal and fragrant handcrafted florals from Lambert Floral Studio. We kept the style simple in hopes to enhance the delicate moments of intimacy. We wanted her story to come to life and not be overwhelmed by an overflow props and distractions. From the moment she woke up, to sipping her latte and peeking out her city windows daydreaming of her wedding day, Michele captured the bride’s story that could only be her own. It’s the beginning to a love story who’s little details she’ll never want to forget.

We hope that the simple delicacy of this morning can inspire future brides to take a quiet moment with their stylist and photographer prior to their wedding to capture the axiom beauty and the story of the bride.

Wedding Vendors

Copyright by Kendra Kimball of Tandem Events

 Venue – Home Studio List / Rentals from Hunter and Gather / Floral Design by Lambert Floral Studio / Hair and Makeup by Lela Nguyen / Ring Designer – Langs Antiques / Creative Stylist and Planning by Tandem Events / Silk Heirlooms from Silk and Willow / Lingerie from True and Co Lingerie / Wedding Veil from Amy Kuschel Veils / Ring Box from The Mrs. Box