Fair Maiden Bridal Boudoir

  • Sep 5, 2016

Fair Maiden Bridal Boudoir

by Josie Photography

Josie Derrick, owner and creative behind Josie Photography has an old soul that seeps into her photography art.  She has diligently worked on mastering the craft of film photography while capturing her couples with meaningful intention behind every frame.  Using medium format film and a Contax 645 camera system has enabled Josie to shift her wedding and boudoir photography into a fine art perspective while freeing her creative boundaries.  Boudoir photography cannot be approached with the same expectancy as a wedding day and, therefore, it requires an experienced photographer that can shoot with film indoors and also, can establish an atmosphere of contentment.  Images tell stories and for a woman’s story to reveal itself, there needs to be a foundation of trust.  Josie is able to flawlessly create this space that in turn, makes for emotional imagery.

Today’s boudoir session captures a maiden on her wedding morning, reflecting on her quiet moments while preparing her vows to the man she loves.  Josie used medium format film for the entire boudoir styled shoot and we are able to feel the emotions within each image.  Choosing a location, both indoors and out, that personified the beauty of classic hardwood floors, cradling vintage furniture, we are able to sense the intimacy of a woman in her own before entering the next stage of her journey to marriage.  Josie used ethereal pieces for an added soft touch like this ring from Trumpet and Horn, and calligraphy from Seniman Calligraphy.  There wasn’t an element missing from this well-thought collaboration and we hope that it further inspires brides to embrace a quiet moment with their wedding photographer prior to the demands of wedding day activities.


Meet Josie Derrick

I’m a wife, a daughter, and a lover of things both old and new. The start of a new life together after the vows are exchanged is just as incredibly beautiful to me as a 60th wedding anniversary between a couple who’ve been sweethearts since the 5th grade. The smell of an old book from a dusty library shelf makes me just as giddy as the clean, new pages of a fresh journal.

I love working with couples who want to create a more beautiful marriage than the stunning wedding day they will share with family and friends.

I have a job that allows me to get to know some of the most wonderful and genuine people, and for that I’m so incredibly grateful! 

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Photography by Josie Photography / Ring by Trumpet and Horn / Calligraphy by Seniman Calligraphy / Wardrobe by Aerie / Film Lab – PhotoVision Prints / Modeling by Brandy Eargle