Ethereal Bridal Session In The Mist

  • Jun 14, 2017

Bridal Inspiration at The Legion of Honor

Photography by Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Arranged by Karli Jones at Ivory & Vine Event Co.

Set on the west coast near Golden Gate Bridge, this stunning bridal session organized and produced by Karli Jones from Ivory & Vine Event Co. is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with only a few choice elements. From the incredible art work found in the invitation suite, to the golden bridal crown, which wouldn’t seem out of place on an Roman Empress, everything has a place and a purpose. A soft coastal fog falls around the museum which adds a dream-like quality to the scene. Notice the wonderful juxtaposition of a joyous and delicate bride amidst the sturdy, hard-cut stone structures that appear almost intimidating. Note however that if you look closer, what you’ll find is a woman perfectly happy in her own company. Smiling, dancing and immersed in positive emotions, she isn’t intimidated at all; on the contrary, she is completely at home, these walls and columns were built for her, so that she could play among them and they could bask in her confidence, her strength and her beauty.

From Ivory & Vine Event Co.

This shoot was inspired by the French neoclassical architecture of the Legion of Honor itself. The Legion of honor sits high on the headlands above the Golden Gate Bridge, where the ocean spills into the bay. The dramatic columns, intricate detailing and grand sculptures inspired us to create a dreamy bridal session, complimented by the dense, dewy fog.

Through the medium of film, Stephanie Brazzle Photography captured each image effortlessly; giving the viewer a glimpse into the dreamlike state of our bride. The way she told our story through each image tied a common thread of classic elegance in every pose.

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The stationery suite by Sarah Ann Design was comprised of soft, classic pieces with loose, ethereal script. We chose a color palette of pale, muted yellow and soft lilac to pull from the history of the Legion of Honor, and the way it managed to stand the test of time since it’s development in 1921. A hand drawn sketch of the building helped to tie in French inspired architecture.

Each moment of this shoot felt so intimate and beautiful, like stepping into a dream. From the way the fog shrouded our bride in secrecy to the movement of her dress in the breeze – we were each mesmerized by the beauty of it all as it came together.

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We were honored to showcase the Daphanine bridal crown from Maggie Wu Studios. Each delicate bronze leaf was hand chosen and adorned with crystals to create this stunning accent piece.

Wedding Planning Team

Styled and designed by Ivory & Vine Event Co. / Bridal Headpieces by Maggie Wu Studio / Stationery & Calligraphy by Sarah Ann Design / Location the Legion of Honor / Ring Design by Pratiksha Jewelry / Wedding Dress by Crystal Designs / Bridal Shop the Blushing Bride Boutique / Hair and Makeup by Natalie Issa / The film lab used was Goodman Film Lab / Photography by Stephanie Brazzle Photography