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  • The Mentoring Handbook for Photographers

    Feb 4, 2017

    Since opening Dear Gray Magazine over a year ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the artists that I admired from afar during my photography career.  Finally, I was on the outside looking in and could reach these veteran photographers on a different level.  While cultivating these relationships, I discovered The Mentoring Handbook by (one of my personal favorites) Tenth and Grace, and instantaneously knew I had to reach out and see a copy.

  • The Planner by Julie Paisley

    Jan 2, 2017

    2017 is knocking at the door, and if you are like me, then you are getting excited about new beginnings and experiences that are in store.  Being able to start new chapters in life can be a refreshing time to walk away from (hard) lessons learned, but the key to success is applying those lessons into new ventures.