Anniversary Boudoir Session

  • Jun 29, 2016

When a woman is able to step out of her comfort corner and celebrate who she has become after marriage and starting a family, the process is beautiful.  Our boudoir photography muse today is a bright, bold woman who knew what tangibles she desired for her sun drenched boudoir session. 

When Ashley contacted Michelle, photographer and owner of Michelle Mock Photography, there was a vision to include heirloom wedding day pieces, her favorite drink, and subtle hints to highlight her personality.  With their master bedroom as the platform for this boudoir shoot, Michelle found an open canvas from which she could incorporate bright light against Ashley’s sensual curves.  Everything beautiful, inside and out, was softly highlighted by Michelle’s expertise. 

From Michelle Mock..

“I was contacted by Ashley to have a boudoir session as a surprise for her husband for their ninth anniversary. She wanted to incorporate the same Pronovias wedding veil she wore on the day of her wedding as well as some of her lingerie. It was a sweet and simple session that included some music, a glass of gin (Ashley’s favourite beverage of choice), and some gorgeous sunlight filtering into her master bedroom. I loved her session for numerous reasons: she had such a spacious bright bedroom, she had included personal touches (like her wedding jewelry, her favourite flowers, her wedding veil) but who she was as a person was what made it the most fun. Photographing clients involves getting to know them on a personal level, photographing them in boudoir and in nearly next to nothing really magnifies how personally you get to know them. And Ashley was a pleasure to get to know, she was so calm, relaxed, and sweet during her whole session. She even gave me a small thank you gift after her session; she’s the kind of person that overwhelms you with her kindness. She is also incredibly gorgeous! She’s had three kids and you would never guess that looking at her. The goal of her session was to be sweet and breathtaking with a side of sexy; which I think she nailed!


Photography by Michelle Mock Photography

Veil by Pronovias

Lingerie by Intimissimi

Flowers by Kutschkermarkt in Vienna



Owner, Michelle Mock Photography

I am a Florida born photographer that now calls Vienna, Austria my home. I went to school to be a news journalist because I loved hearing and telling people’s stories, but after a few stints of news reporting I just felt that wasn’t the job I wanted to hang my hat on. So, I went back to school thinking that would be the solution to finding something that I could love doing everyday. But after graduating, I still found myself aimlessly wandering searching for something that would let me tell people’s stories. It was staring me in the face, literally. Those that know me know I am never far from my camera(s); I love showing the world my side of the story and how I see things. And the way I see things is in color and emotion.

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