Our Mission

Dear Gray Magazine is a quarterly, independent publication focused on celebrating moments of grace, passion, and love.

We desire to share stories from a couple’s journey to unity through focusing on the artisans who curate dreams into a tangible form.


From Our Founder

Welcome to the Dear Gray community.  Having you here means there is a connection with our brand through a story you have read, an image that struck a chord of attraction, or perhaps a feeling in your heart that desires what is beyond our front door.  Come in and explore; every relationship begins with a connection and we want to connect with you.  Our artisan community is bustling with creative minds who yearn to share their art with like-minded industry professionals.

A few years ago I found myself lost among a saturated wedding industry and began to feel defeated.  I was ready to throw the towel in after experiencing a plague of work that lacked quality and began suffocating my opportunity to passionately create art for clients.  It took fierce battles and deep wounds during a personal journey to hunt down and accept my purpose in life.

How could I remain honest with my creative heart in the midst of comparison and dark shadows that hovered with doubt?  It was when I hit rock bottom that my path to destruction changed course; onward and upward I’d go.

Dear Gray, the brand, was then born from my heart’s desire to encapsulate love stories and give artisans a platform to freely share their creative talents with the world.  At Dear Gray, we carefully curate our artisan community to ensure we are hosting a gathering hub for authentic art.

Whether you’re a bride looking for your dream team or an artist in search of a home for your creative side, Dear Gray is humbled to have you around.  With an incredible team behind us, artisans who believe in our mission, and readers who feel a genuine connection, we know that we are headed down the right path.


Dear Gray Magazine

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Managing Editor

Denice Lachapelle

Email: denice@deargraymagazine.com