A Graceful And Love Filled Couple’s Session

  • Oct 13, 2016

A Graceful And Love Filled Couple’s Session

When a couple finds their way to marriage, wedding planning kicks into high gear and a vast majority of their excitement shines through to wedding planning and design.  But what about looking further into the depth of what marriage represents; offering a commitment of availability to your spouse which they will seek during times of highs and lows.  Giving a vow to your spouse means you’re willing to, unconditionally, travel the peaks and valleys together on this new journey.  There are no road maps or tour guides that will prepare either of you into a land of unknown twists and turns.  Trust and partnership fill a marriage’s core and a mutual respect is born, paving the way for a couple to discover this new endeavor side by side.  Being able to assure your spouse that he or she can lean on you for support, motivation, and inspiration, during the brunt of the world’s expectations is the truest of commitments that any one person can offer.  Today’s couple has done just that by ensuring they have a safe place to hideaway together; creating a safe harbor of refuge.

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“The inspiration behind the design was to create a calm and relaxing environment. There is so much weight in the importance for a home, and more specifically the marital bedroom, to be a peaceful and tranquil place to unwind. The home should be a place that at the end of a day a spouse can step into and let the world and any stress or worries melt away. Lindsay knows this importance and has already seen its effects on her loving and hardworking husband, Jake. In order to keep their bedroom a clean and inviting place, Lindsay kept the neutral colors consistent in order to highlight the gorgeous natural light and high ceilings. The cool blue and green textiles keep the space calm and relaxing while the hints of pink and navy, their wedding colors, remind them daily of the commitment they made on their sweet day in March of 2014. The room is full even more sweet touches including a few heirloom and wedding gifts, some equestrian style decor to representing Jake’s career as a veterinarian, and even hand lettered anniversary notes to one another (in calligraphy by the one and only Poppy & Scooter). Being able to capture some tender moments between Lindsay & Jake in their tranquil and inviting home made my heart giddy and excited. In order to stay true to the organic aesthetic of the room and couple, I wanted to photograph in film and used Portra 800, some converted to b&w. When this sweet couple made a promise to love one another they truly meant it for not only in the carefree and easy but for each day, even the difficult, beyond their wedding day.”





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I’m Ashley, a midwest fine art wedding photographer & storyteller. I call Indianapolis, Indiana my home but I find the more people I meet, I can feel at home anywhere. I have a craving for travel, a love for making new friends and a heart for serving others. “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”— Aaron Siskind

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Photography by Ashley Link Photography / Creative Styling by Lindsay Jensen / Calligraphy by Poppy and Scooter